Myotherapist / Director

Since graduating in 2007, Melinda’s focus has centered on treatment and rehabilitation of sports and occupational injuries along with women’s health and pregnancy related musculoskeletal and biomechanical concerns.

Melinda enjoys helping people who suffer from bruxism, headaches, neck and jaw related concerns.

In 2015, Melinda became a Board Member of the Myotherapy Association of Australia (MAA), to contribute in the running of the not-for-profit organisation and the future of the Myotherapy profession.

Within a year of joining the board, Melinda was promoted to the secretary position of the board for 3 years and has now been elected and assigned as Vice President of the Myotherapy Association of Australia. 

MAA is Australia’s only professional association dedicated to the interest of myotherapists.

Read more on our association here:

Melinda has worked in various clinical settings and sporting clubs, working closely alongside Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Osteopaths and chiropractors. This experience has allowed Melinda to have a better understanding of how healthcare professionals can work together to provide the best possible treatment plan to suit the individual’s needs.

As a Myotherapist, Melinda has a wide range of treatment options at her disposal to ensure an effective and efficient outcome every time. Melinda looks forward to integrating Myotherapy care with personalised rehabilitation programs for the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, to give you the confidence in doing what you love most.

To keep active Melinda enjoys participating in regular yoga and pilates classes for strength and conditioning. She also likes to participate in triathlons and long distance running events.

In Melinda's spare time she enjoys spending time along the surf coast with dark chocolate, pinot noir, her husband and three doggos.



Registered Osteopath

Alex graduated from the University of Ballarat with a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport  Science  majoring in Exercise Rehabiliation in 2012 and from  RMIT  with a double degree in Osteopathy and Health Science.

Alex has currently been working for a year as an Osteopath. Alex has a strong intrest in sport and biomechanical injuries, spending  many years involved in local and state level sporting clubs  assisting in injuried prevention and rehabilitation. 

If you’re looking to develop your running skills and technique Alex is here to help you. Her past experience in athletics training and sport coaching compliments her hands-on osteopathic treatments.

If Alex isn’t running marathons in her spare time, you’ll probably find her in the kitchen cooking delicious healthy snacks and meals, or travelling and exploring the great outdoors. 

Alex is available for appointments Wednesdays and Saturdays. 



Remedial Massage Therapist

Raúls  background in Physical Education Teaching and Psychology gives him the capability to extract relevant information and include emotions as an important factor to consider in approaching his patients’ physical conditions. Raúl experienced that getting his patients to understand how our musculoskeletal system works and the possible causes of their complaints contributes to excellent results. Raúl considers moving as the basic and most important pillar of a healthy lifestyle. 

Raúl completed his Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and Diploma of Remedial Massage in Max Therapy Institute. His best interests are in Postural Integration and Myofascial Needling philosophies and techniques. He also enjoys constantly learning new techniques to improving his current skill sets.

Raúl was born in Spain. He has played handball for the last 17 years in different European teams. During all that time he has experienced the impact of “hands on” treatments on his injuries and rehabilitation. It was, in fact, a lower back injury that inspired him get into this industry.

Outside of work, Raúl mainly likes working out in the gym, both to exercise and also make new friends. He also loves cooking, especially the sophisticated Spanish cuisine which is his favourite. Don’t be afraid to ask him about different recipes, he can definitely content your stomach. Travelling and reading history books are big addictions for him. He has lived in Poland and England before moving to Australia. He enjoys learning from other cultures and sharing all his experiences with his clients.




Elisha is now into her 15thyear as a Myotherapist. After graduating in 2003 she began working in a new start-up clinic, and within 2 years had taken over as director. Now, two children later, it was time to take a step back and enjoy her little family.
Over the years Elisha has worked at numerous local and amateur football and netball clubs. She has always felt the need to support her local community.
Elisha’s main area of interest is chronic pain. With the main focus being educating her clients to help them understand their pain and dysfunction. Alongside with manual treatment, she encourages clients to be involved in their own recovery, through rehabilitation exercises, postural corrections and at times lifestyle changes. Nothing makes her happier than seeing clients moving better and managing their bodies.
In her spare time she loves spending time with her tribe, Evie and Jack and husband Steve. They often frequent the Zoo’s and will often run into you and your family enjoying the day out. At home you will normally find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen, usually with one of the kids either helping, making more mess or touching the hot oven!


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